SOMA Breath


Brief history of Soma Breath 

Niraj Naik (the renegade pharmacist and founder of Soma Breath) was diagnosed with a chronic illness and bed bound for a year. He was told that he would have to pee into a bag for the rest of his life which he really didn't want to do.


He took action into his own hands with 'what have I got to lose attitude' and started breathing, chanting and going to saunas most days. He noticed a dramatic difference, so much so that he eventually healed himself. 


This spurred him on to share his knowledge (previously from mainstream medicine and now combined with more holistic and spiritual approaches). 


He is also the creator of all Soma Breath's brainwave music which is rapidly gaining recognition for its healing potential. 


The combination of breathing along with brainwave music is perhaps the signature and stand-out component to Soma Breath and what has helped Niraj, myself, and many others heal.   



The technique

Soma Breath combines rhythmical breathing, breath holds, beautifully designed brainwave music and intention setting to create a wholesome breathwork practice for everyday life.


The 9 breathing exercises found in Soma Breath:


1. Chanting (exhaling with a sound ahhh oooh ummmm (Aum (or Om) mantra) - For relaxation.


2. Breathing through alternate nostrils - activates the whole brain for relaxation and balance.


3. Bellows breathing (breathing forcefully in and out) - For energizing the body and mind, cleansing the body, oxygenating the brain, and balancing.


4. Quick and forced exhalation while pulling in the abdomen - For getting rid of stale stomach gases, clearing the sinuses, and increasing energy levels.


5. Breath holds (holding the breath either on inhalation or exhalation) - Promotes healing, deep meditation, and builds CO2 tolerance (when held on exhale).


6. Breath retention (holding 'no breath' to enter a state called intermittent hypoxia) - To enhance spatial learning and memory, lowering inflammation, and better overall health.


7. Slow exhales - For better oxygenation, ventilation, and functioning of the diaphragm.


8. Rhythmical breathing - For increasing your ability to breath slowly and deeply, for balancing the nervous system, energising the body, and increasing breath-hold times.


9. Drinking air - For cleansing the bowels and promoting the growth of good bacteria. Also reduces hunger pangs during a fast.



Main objectives of Soma Breath

  • teach people about the benefits of breathwork 

  • train people to take fewer breaths per minute 

  • build up tolerance to CO2 

  • live life with more vitality, relaxation, and creativity. 


Benefits of Soma Breath

  • lowers stress 

  • aids and supports anxiety & depression

  • creates better circulation 

  • boosts immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems

  • creates more energy



Try Soma Breath for yourself (click on the links below)

FREE Online Masterclass (2 hour online session) 

FREE 5 Day Intro Course (20-30 minutes per day introducing the techniques in Soma Breath)

Breathe Fit Course (an 11 day self-study course designed to get people breathing correctly)

Soma Daily Dose (a self-study short course to build a daily practice. Includes music to download) 

21 Day Awakening Journey (21 days with 4 live calls, lots of science and breathing exercises everyday. Here you get to experience the real Soma Awakening!) 

Transformations (combines Breathe Fit, Daily Dose & the 21 Day Awakening Journey) 

Instructor Program (become a Soma Breath Instructor!) 

or you can read my blog on my own personal account with Soma Breath here:

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