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Why I Became A SOMA Breath Instructor

Updated: Jun 1

And all of the places it's taken me since


It all started in Guatemala. I was introduced to this wonderful technique by a man who only had time for a short 20-minute session but that was all it took. My whole physical reality dissolved as I asked myself the question — what was that?

Unlike my other experiences where everything dissolves (mostly on psychedelics), I often felt very ungrounded. That morning, however, as my whole physical reality was dissolving, I was embodied in the dissolution. So much so that the question of what was that? Was known as both myself and something far greater than I could ever be.

From that point onwards I explored the different levels of training that SOMA Breath has to offer through their 21 Day Awakening Program and then up to becoming a SOMA Breath Facilitator. Since then I have come to share that same 20-minute session with others along with many other heart-opening journeys thereafter.

That was 3 years ago now and I’m as excited to write about SOMA Breath, to share it with others, and to continue to guide others and breathe with this incredible technique as much as I was back then.

Before Breathwork

Before I ever came to know breathwork I had spent the 5 years prior to that as a Dive Instructor working mostly in the Caribbean. Diving and breathwork go so hand in hand that for me to fall in love with it seemed inevitable. In truth, through SCUBA diving, I already was.

It’s the quiet, solitude of the sound of the breath in the vast blue that is often my most favourite part. The fish and the sharks and the beautiful corals are just a special bonus.

So, the stage was set for me to fall in love with breathwork, if it ever came my way, which I’m so grateful I did!

It also allowed me to step away from the diving industry with excitement instead of longing, which I felt might be more accurate.

With becoming a SOMA Breath Facilitator I now have the chance at guiding people through a completely different kind of journey and reaching a different kind of audience which helped to give an excitement that I carry up until this day.

So, Why SOMA?

I had experienced many other breathwork techniques over the years but there was always something missing. I had always enjoyed what I was learning (I even learned how to teach those different modalities too) but I always knew deep down that it was just a moment in a time.

So I was looking and hoping to find a way to make what I was learning more fully integrated, for my own daily practice and then to share with others. I love supporting others to find their path and what connects them to a deeper part of self. I love seeing how empowering that can be. And that’s what SOMA Breath offers the chance to do.

The breath is so powerful because it’s so personal. And because it’s such a personal journey, empowerment comes through the bravery to breathe.

And best of all, the breath is breathing us whether we are aware of it or not. We don’t have to go anywhere to find it, source it, buy it or even grow it, it’s right here, 24hrs a day, consistently, until we die.

My quest over these last 3 years has been to discover how much potential lies in the breath, and from everything I’ve experienced, learnt, read, and understood, it’s endless. Just as the universe has no limits, the breath comes from that limitless space that provides an opportunity to tap into the vastness of its wisdom.

The Truth

I don’t know about you but as much as I love something, if it becomes too familiar or too known, I often drift away from it, however strong my intentions were. But with SOMA Breath the possibilities are so vast and that’s important to me. It keeps it fresh.

What kept me progressing along the path is how each training builds upon the next as whenever I discover something new that I love, I often see if there is a way to ultimately share it. And that’s what SOMA Breath offered me and still does to this day.

Probably even more so than ever before, actually.

Soon after learning the technique, there are opportunities to dive deeper into the trainings and the ever-growing community to learn even more through the initial stages of becoming an instructor and then further still through the different levels of their instructor programs.

In this, I have been able to guide sessions while earning an income in the process. Now breathwork is what I share, what I live off, and what keeps me excited to keep finding new music, creating journeys with the new music I’ve found and discovering all the different ways in how to share and guide breathwork all over the world.

Wherever I Go, It Comes With Me

From Guatemala to Portugal to South Africa. It’s the joy of holding any teaching really, especially one that’s not bound to a physical location.

Wherever I go, the music comes with me which means I can create events all over the world. I get to share this wonderful technique with many different people and connect to the places I’m in more deeply.

It’s not always as romantic as it might appear to be, but what is, really?

My overriding sense along this path is that I come back to awe, wonder, and love more often than not. And even if the fear of being seen, of not making enough money, or of having to show up on the off days creates some tension, the breath always reminds me that it’s ultimately my choice in which areas of my life I feed.

And the best part is that now I have this beautiful technique and the connection to the breath, no one can take it away. It’s mine forever. That’s the joy of breathwork, it’s with us all along.

It’s everything and more of what I was hoping for, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Learn and discover SOMA Breath through their 21 Day Awakening Journey here

Or discover what it takes to become a SOMA Breath Instructor here

Open up to all the possibilities that unfold thereafter. I did, and still am. Would you like to join me?

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