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The Power of Intention

How to harness universal energy through the power of the breath

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Knowledge is only useful if it becomes lived wisdom, otherwise, it’s simply someone else lived experience.

We are past the time where gaining knowledge is the desired path. Now, maybe so than ever before, we are seeking and longing for experience. Experience is knowledge in action. Repeated action creates neural pathways in the brain that solidifies knowledge into wisdom. This solidification imprints the cells in the body and the wisdom carried forward thereafter is one of personal truth. There’s no turning back from personal truth, and once you know it’s possible, there’s really nothing stopping you from repeating it over and over again.

Working with the breath can help to pierce through the everyday illusion that creates separation and it can provide us with a deeper connection to ourselves and to all of life. Once we feel connected to all of life, there’s really no going back. We can’t suddenly unthink the thinkable or undo the doable. The path has been walked. We can turn around and pretend it never happened, or even cover it up for a while, but we’ll still know it’s there. We’ll still know we experienced it. Some experiences leave such deep imprints that they can never be forgotten, however much we try. Feeling connected to all of life is one of those experiences.

If you’re suddenly connected to all of life and you see that you are all of life and all of life is youhow could you not live from this unified place?

Working with the breath

What breathing exercises help us to do is to experience this sense of connection and wonder. Other techniques such as meditation and plant medicines also have this capacity. To believe that it’s possible, however, sometimes we’ve got to see the view from the top of the mountain to know it’s worth the journey. Meditation is slow, committed path. Plant medicines blast us there whether we’re ready to see the view or not. The breath creates a bridge that invites us to walk across it consciously. All three are playing a fundamental role in the awakening process of many people right now.

Experience is the language of our time and there’s no going back once an experience has been truly lived. If the mind, heart, and spirit know the way, they’ll walk it with more ease and more grace from then on. The days of simply gaining knowledge seem to be over, maybe because we’ve seen that underneath knowledge, lies wisdom. And as knowledge is always open to personal interpretation, experiencing it in action breeds wisdom, and that wisdom leads to a deeper truth.

I’ve discovered that when we breathe with awareness, we can tap into the tremendous health benefits the breath can provide, and maybe none more life-changing than showing us the view from the top of the mountain to reveal our deepest truth that We Are All One.

“Oneness isn’t a characteristic of life. Life is a characteristic of Oneness.”

— Neale Donald Walsch

Holding our breath

When we hold our breath in with awareness we can begin to use powerful visualisation techniques that harness these heightened emotional states to manifest the things we want into our lives. Visualisation is a fancy way of saying imagination and imagination is another glorified way of saying thought. Thoughts are our first creative power when we’re talking about manifestation. This is where we touch into the mystical but when we’re talking about the power of the breath and the elevated emotions it can inspire, there’s really no end to how far it can take us.

Inspire is derived from the Latin word “inspirare” which translates to ‘inspire’ or ‘to breathe’. It’s amazing to me to see the root of these two words and to know that they are synonymous with one another

Dr. Joe Dispenza calls this infinite space of possibility the quantum field and as the quantum field doesn’t respond to what we want, but to who we are (or to how we are feeling), finding ways to raise our energy to that of love, joy, and gratitude (the strongest pulls of emotion in the universe), we invite these visualisations to come closer and closer until ultimately it’s what we experience.

The body, on an experiential level, doesn’t know the difference between a lived experience or something that’s been dreamt up in the mind. It responds in the same way. This blew me away when I first discovered it.

What this allows us to do is to see a new self, a new characteristic, or a new item of desire, and then make that image so clear that our body believes that we have already received (feels it to be true) on a cellular level. The joy and excitement of feeling like we already have whatever we are wanting to call into our lives is the manifestation process in action.

An easy way to think about this is to imagine that you’ve just ordered your favourite dessert in your favourite restaurant. Once you place your order you know that it’s about to be prepared.

You know that it’s on its way, there’s no doubt about that. This is how sure we have to be when we want to manifest anything into our lives. There’s no difference between ordering your favourite dessert in your favourite restaurant to ordering a million dollars from the universe. The only difference is that in one you have absolute certainty that it will happen, so it does. While the other one you may only dream about without ever believing it to be possible, so it doesn’t. That surety (or lack of) pulls (or prevents) the event towards you until it’s what you experience.

Doubt is the biggest factor in slowing this process down.

The way to feel more open, more loving, and more ready to receive is to be in that state more often than not. Breathing exercises that breathe in a rhythmical way (rhythmical breathing/heart coherence) is that place. With an open heart, a relaxed nervous system, and a creative mind, feeling more open, more loving, and more ready to receive comes naturally. This is the power of combining positive emotions with an intention.

Letting go

The hardest thing to let go of is the how.

To carry on with the analogy of ordering your favourite dessert, as soon as you’ve ordered it you know that the person you ordered it from will go into the kitchen, tell the chef what to make and then they’ll go about making it for you. You may never even see the chef but you know that that conversation will take place and that your dessert will be brought to you by the waiter once it’s ready. You know this process well so you trust it, even though you never see any of the action or if there are some unexpected delays along the way. The ways of the universe are far more mysterious so they are often a lot harder to believe and trust. However, we must surrender to this process and keep our focus on our emotional state (how it feels to have whatever it might be that we’re wanting) to keep consistent with the energy that moving towards us. How we feel about ‘it’ pulls ‘it’ towards us, thus making it real.

What not to do

Just imagine that once you ordered your dessert from the waiter and the waiter puts your order to the chef, you start to doubt yourself. So much so that you shout back to the chef, “can you show me what you’re doing back there?” to check on how it’s going, but there’s no response so you’re doubt grows and the conversation continues.

“I’m not sure I want it anymore.” “I’m not sure that I’m ready.” “You’re not making it are you?” “Can you even hear me?” “How can I trust that you’re making it?” “If you can hear me, I would really love for you to make it for me” “Please make it delicious! I’m so hungry” “I feel quite sick now, maybe I shouldn’t eat it after all…”

Can you imagine if this is how you spoke to the chef?! They’d quit immediately!

The universe never quits but instead responds to every thought and feeling that we think and feel and simply obligees'. It gives us exactly what we are asking of it. Treat the universe as if it were a chef that was making your favourite dessert and trust it to serve you up the best one you’ve ever tasted

When you do reach this point of surety, you can begin to feel how powerful using techniques like intention setting and breathing can be. Whether you want to bring in more abundance, better health, a new loving relationship, insights, or visions for the future, the breath creates a dynamic meditation that invites high vibrational emotions such as love, joy, and gratitude and opens us up to manifest whatever it is that we want into our lives. Whether unthinkably huge, or tiny, the universe isn’t concerned by how big your vision is, it will respond accordingly. All it asks for is consistency. ~

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