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SOMA Breath - A Personal Experience

Updated: May 3

It's Not Always Sexy, But It's Real

... but let's start the sexy part first!

The First Encounter

Unlike other breath work techniques, SOMA Breath has specifically designed brainwave music that’s designed to drop you into a deep meditative state. I didn’t know that at the time. All I heard was this deep basey frequency beating to a rhythm of a heart that both excited me and captivated me into a nervous anticipation.

I was in a home that I knew well, perched on the edge of a volcanic crater around beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala so the stage was set after I felt safe and explorative.

I had done lots of breath work before and loved it, especially during my Kundalini Yoga Instructor training course.

So I had a sense that I would share breath work with others one day but of all the different techniques that I had been shown, none of them quite withstood the distance of time.

There was always something missing, even though I didn’t know what the missing part(s) were...

As soon as I heard the beating basey frequencies that day however, and the journey that’s followed since, I knew I’d found the technique I was hoping for.

I could literally feel the music re-wiring my brain and as I let go and surrendered deeper and deeper into the experience, I could feel my whole body and entire existence dissolve, leaving me in a state of total bliss and at one with all.

Unlike my experiences with other breath work techniques, I still felt grounded in the dissolution. I felt embodied in the unbodied experience, which is something that I had never felt before.

This also got me excited to learn more!

The Journey Before Breathwork

Before I ever found breath work as a healing modality I had been a SCUBA diving instructor where I saw and felt first hand how the quality of my breath directly affected the quality of my experience, and this alone fascinated me.

Then, along the spiritual path, I was introduced to psychedelics where I have experienced the complete dissolution of my being and came back with a sense of wonder and awe. And terror on the scarier trips.

However, the dissolution was often completely ungrounded.

That’s why that morning was so profound for me as it allowed me to experience all the same experiences that psychedelics bring while being completely embodied. It was the wholesome integration that I had been waiting for.

“the breath is always breathing us whether we are aware of it not”

… so that day was a huge breakthrough for me as it allowed me to become more aware of the profoundness that each and every breath holds.

What Happened After

After the session had finished and I opened my eyes (and as cliche as this sounds) a whole new world was awaiting me. I knew intuitively that I had found a technique that I wanted to explore more of and to possibly share with others, just like it had been shared with me that day. So, that’s exactly what I did.

I went on a personal journey of discovery where I first took the Free Webinar Master Class online which confirmed my love even further. I then quickly signed up for the 21 day Awakening Program to dive head first into the technique where I learnt all the different breathing patterns and the science behind how the breath can be used as a transformational tool. And the more I learnt, the more I fell in love.

It was around the time that I also first discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza so I was completely fascinated by all of this new information. It became very sciencey and I loved every minute of it!

If my bored 15 year old teenage self sitting in the science lab and wishing to be anywhere else other than where he was could have imagined that he would be writing this over a decade later, he would have been equally bemused by the sudden turnaround. But nonetheless, here I am.

After the 21 Day Awakening Journey I was still so eager to learn and ready to learn how to guide sessions myself. I have always had a strong desire to share everything I have learnt with others but this was the strongest, even though the sharing of it scared the hell out of me as it called for a much stronger and more dedicated self than I currently was.

Growing pains can feel that way!

But the desire to share was stronger than my desire to hide so i decided to take the instructor program right after. Before the 2 month journey began, I rented a beautiful cottage in the valleys of Central Portugal with my life partner who was also diving into the training alongside me, to fully immerse ourselves into the experience. It was the perfect setting for our own retreat: a huge garden, a yoga/breathwork studio, a beautiful fire place, our very own kiwi and grape vines framing our cute cottage and figs galore that scattered the streets, waiting to be enjoyed after every breathwork session.

But before I get carried away in the nostalgic memories I must admit…

It’s Not Always Sexy, But It’s Real

Now, before it gets all too romantic, it’s not always been that blissful journey into oneness that I first experienced. Actually it’s been quite the opposite. Breath work can reveal all kinds of layers of emotion, and more often than not, it does.

So, I’ve felt anger, pain, fear, resistance, shame, judgement, resentment and frustration, with the most challenging of days revealing a side of myself that conjures up a creativity to make up almost every conceivable excuse imaginable to convince myself that I can, in fact, wait until tomorrow to breathe. But whenever that voice wins and I take a day off, even now, I somehow end up missing it. This is how I deeply feel that the struggles, as much as the triumphs, are a vital part of the experience.

So, it’s a journey, like all the best things. One that I found to be so incredibly rich and rewarding, growthful and revealing. And each journey still provides me with the opportunity to really see where I’m at emotionally and mentally and then invites me to change that into a higher vibration, if I want to.

And if I don’t want to, that’s when I feel anger, resentment, frustration and even fear. So I’ve quickly learnt that whatever I bring to a session is whatever I will gain from it. And the same can be said of life.

“The breath is always breathing, whether we are aware it or not. Our task is to see how often we can be with it as that shows us how often we are with life itself. And not just with life itself, but what kind of life too. The quality of our life depends on the quality of our breath.”

So, I ask you — what is the quality of your breath?

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