Pancake Philosophy

Dear Reader, 

Are you partial to some pancakes in the morning? And a fresh cup of coffee? I am too. I thought we might get a long.  


Do you enjoy thinking about friendship and love? Of curiosity and wonder? 

Do you enjoy thinking about the world? And of how we came to be here? Do you ever wonder what might happen if it were to all disappear? 

Philosophy has many paths, like questions really. However, questions are questions and they exist all on their own. Philosophy, on the other hand, exists only through the curiosity to ask such questions.


So strap yourself in, we're about to get to know one another. 


Pancake Philosophy 

This story begins around a fire with some coffee and pancakes. What unfolds is a dialogue between two people who find friendship in the question, and curiosity in the answer. 

Pancake Philosophy, first and foremost, is about friendship. It's a discovery; a journey from the separate self into the unified whole. It's about food, love, and all the places that both have taken us ever since. 

It's a story weaved among many stories. Conversations that have been shared and enjoyed; moments in time that have been cherished and remembered. This is an honouring to all of those people who inspire us to think differently, and who then invite us to step into a better version of ourselves.

Truth is an ever-moving destination, as is life. Exploring both is the journey.

"... there's pancakes and philosophy.... what's not to like?" - JB 

what the people are saying

"This book is thought-provoking, at times saddening, at others inspiring. Much like a human life really. We are as much a part of this book as this book is now a part of us." - Steven   

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