Charlie & The Magic Backpack 

Dear Reader, 

How was your first adventure? Are you ready for another? 


Charlie is, he just told me. He told me that he can't wait another second, and Magic just told me the same thing too. 

So, if you would like to visit a huge mountain AND see the most beautiful beach that you've ever seen, you better hurry quick before you miss the ride! 

But before you dive in too fast, always remember that not everything is as it may seem.


After all, we're talking about magic here.  

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Charlie & The Magic Backpack  

Charlie sees people carrying all kinds of different backpacks around with them but what's inside each one? And why do they keep getting bigger?


Charlie & The Magic Backpack is about all the things we carry inside, the events that have 'stuck' with us and how we can learn to let them go to live our fullest, happiest and most peaceful lives.


Following up on Charlie & The Magical Mask Show, Maisy guides Charlie through another magical adventure to unlock the keys to true inner freedom and happiness, but first, there may be a few mountains to climb. 

what the people are saying 

A great little read 

"Beautifully written & very thought provoking. Read more than once to look deeper than just the surface writing. A great little book to really make you think how differently we all need to perceive things." - Dawn Willis 

Amazing Read

"Loved this book! Much wisdom in a short book! I enjoyed connecting to Charlie on his adventures. Can’t wait for the next book!"

- Martin Ziarati 

Very Imaginative  

"I bought the book to read for my daughter. I enjoy reading lots of thoughts in the book from the writer and captured your imagination. Definitely recommend to any age group 👍" - Juliano Vargas  

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