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meet andy.

Andy's joy of writing comes from a place of exploration. He loves to write fun, engaging narratives that shine light and wonder onto the outer world, while unlocking keys to the inner world so true inner peace and happiness can be experienced by all.


He is an avid lover of the outside world, both on land and underwater, and this is where he gains a lot of his inspirations and ideas. Quite often he can be seen scrambling back home to find a pen and paper as he tries not to forget the 'great idea' that has just come to him, and sometimes he even manages to do so.  


​He also shares his love of breathwork and in particular, Soma Breath as a way of creating journeys back to self while finding ways to support self empowerment and healing. 

Andy Murphy


"In its essence the breath is simple, but by its very nature, it's infinite.

Infinite simplified is the joy of sharing breathwork." 


Soma Breath is the branch of breathwork that I love to share. I explored many other techniques before I ever found Soma Breath but they never quite withstood the distance of time. There was always something missing. Now one of my greatest joys is sharing what I have found with others. 

Soma Breath combines specifically designed brainwave music, rhythmical breathing and breath holds to create a journey back to self. It provides an opportunity to tap into our own innate healing wisdom, to reprogram our sub-conscious mind and to re-balance our nervous system. 

       some other cool benefits to breathwork 

  • helps to reduce anxiety 

  • aids digestion

  • reduces inflammation 

  • balances the nervous system 

  • boosts immune system

  • strengthens digestive, respiratory & cardiovascular systems

  • improves circulation

  • strengthens the heart 

  • supports deeper sleep






let's breathe.

Offering 1 & 2 Hour Online Sessions 

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